Note: This Charter is intended to be read in conjunction with the Moderation Policy.

  1. Rationale

    The goal of (hereafter rasf1m) is to provide a forum for the discussion of Formula One racing. It differs from the existing English language newsgroups for F1 (eg: in that it is moderated: the intention of this is to retain the opportunities for discussing Formula One currently found in other groups while preventing the spam, commercial posts, abuse directed towards F1 personalities and teams, participant abuse and postings completely unrelated to F1 that can also be found there.

    The guiding principle for all moderators will be to interfere as little as possible with the discussions, whilst maintaining adherence to the Charter and Policy.

  2. On- and off-charter postings

    This group exists to provide opportunities for discussion about Formula One. This can be assumed to cover topics such as races, results, drivers, teams, circuits, trips to races, gossip, rumours, sponsorship, reports of comments made by F1 personnel, careers of former F1 drivers, news items, rules, safety and upcoming events involving F1 personnel.

    It would be inappropriate and indeed impossible for a newsgroup charter to give an exhaustive list of what is and isn't acceptable. However, postings that have no connection at all to Formula One are unlikely to qualify. The final arbiter of this will be the moderators, working within the guidelines of the Policy.

    Any submission that is relevant, civil, and not in violation of the moderation policy, will be accepted for posting.

  3. Moderation Policy

    This is appended to the Charter, and is divided into three sections:

    1. Restrictions on Articles
    2. Moderators' Role
    3. General Administration